How can you develop Social Resilience?

The evidence is clear. Like a pride of lions, group of meerkats, birds flocking together or fish swimming in a school, people with a support network cope better with all issues – from help with school work, socialising at sport, finding a job for a mate, being with friends for fun, supporting friends through stress, loss, illness, trauma.

People with friends have a better self-esteem and cope better with the ups and downs of life of any stage. They are less likely to be stressed, angry or depressed. Having a close supportive family falls into the same category.

Clearly, the art of being able to socialise with all types of people, create close connections and maintain them is the art of survival. It was necessary when we all lived in tribes and is even more vital now that we live in boxes, work in boxes and even drive in boxes. Our connections with others are severely restricted.

Then why did it become a problem?

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Social Resiliance