‘Harry the Bully Blocker’ – Evelyn M. Field FAP

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Harry is a shy, bullied little dog. In a dream, he meets some friendly animals who teach him useful bully-blocking skills. Harry puts these new skills into practice: they work immediately, and his life is transformed. In learning how to block bullies and make new friends – skills he can use all his life – Harry has shed his fear, and now enjoys being with his peers.

This small audio and written book will empower anyone who feels like a bullied child, learn how to block bullies. It is based on the therapy model Evelyn developed to train psychologists, and help bullied children manage their basic survival instinct more effectively!

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Schools cannot protect every child. This clinically proven, self-help book provides a child with bully blocking skills as well as hints to develop social and emotional resilience. It’s useful for parents, teachers, therapists and schools.

‘Hints for dealing with bullies at school’ – Evelyn M. Field FAPS

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Some children don’t like to read. However, this carefully constructed 14-page e-leaflet condenses years of experience and research to enable children to use simple, easy-to-read, bully blocking skills (Taken from “Bully Blocking”). This E-leaflet gives children the basic skills to block bullies.

  • 14 pages.
  • Can be used by parents with Bully Blocking ®

Bully Blocking: Empowering students to deflect and protect themselves from bullying

World-renowned, bullying expert, Evelyn M. Field OAM, provides a detailed understanding of bullying in schools and provides tips, strategies and exercises that teachers, parents and counsellors can practice to really understand the concept of bullying and help provide practical and accessible support.

This book will be an invaluable resource for parents, teachers, educators, and counsellors working with children who are at risk of or experiencing bullying.


  There is no evidence that telling the child, “walk away, do nothing, tell them to stop” will work. When targets of school bullying become angry, scared or upset they make a bully happy! The core to treatment is teaching children how not to react when bulliedbut to remain cool, focused and respond neutrally. They will immediately notice the bully’s embarrassment and their need to stop. Then other children are more likely to respect the target. Thus, managing bullies is a prerequisite for effective social skills!

  Join Evelyn Field, psychologist, presenter, author and a national expert on the topic of bullying, and learn how to treat targets of bullying effectively and effortlessly.  She will teach you how to:

  • help targets deal with their distress and powerlessness,
  • block bullies effectively and learn these skills for life,
  • train targets and help them build their social survival skills, and avoid being ostracised, learning how to become a nice, friendly, caring person and  join a social group.

Evelyn M. Field, OAM, FAPS is available for consultation by phone, Skype or FaceTime.
Email: efield@bullying.com.au to make an appointment.

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