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“Social being” for kids or adults

People who need people are the luckiest people in the world!”

Neuroscience indicates that we are social beings, as well as human beings. Therefore, we need to use our social brain effectively, to become socially and emotionally resilient! Find out what your brain needs to survive and thrive, develop your social brain by empowering yourself and developing the best options to connect with all sorts of people.

Communication strategies

Many decades ago, when we lived in villages, we communicated with all sorts of people. We used respect and compassion to connect and understood the power of verbal and non-verbal communication skills. The breakdown in family networks, together with the increase in digital technology, has slowly eroded these skills. Evelyn has developed a simple, six step communication skills recipe, the core of her books and her professional work. Find out more about the ‘Model of Relating” and the six secrets can improve all your relationships.

Balancing life’s ups and downs

Most people have experienced some stress, trauma, depression, loss or grief in their lives. Nobody has a magic wand to eliminate painful memories or a zap painful triggers. Learn how to manage bad thoughts and feelings, to make the most of what you have.

Keys to a healthier lifestyle

Remember when butter was good, then bad and then OK? Do you need a slow walk or intensive workout? Do you need an app to relax or something else? Should you socialize constantly or spend time alone?  Find some of the truths and fads around your brain and body to understand the essentials of living a healthier life. Then you can maintain a sensible balance between your social, emotional and physical requirements.

“Crocodiles, snakes & peacocks” – find better ways to manage bullies and challenging people at work

Were you brought up to be nice to people?

Sadly, it doesn’t matter how nice you are, some people won’t reciprocate, and walk all over you! Besides, workplaces aren’t simple systems, pressures and challenges come from all directions. Management style, financial and political pressures, shiftwork, individual personalities and job requirements combine to create destructive or constructive cultures. Learn how to reduce workplace bullying, harassment and ostracism, the enemy of employee engagement, productivity and organizational profitability. Then find out more about the different types of challenging people. Learn how to manage them by using the best available options to block, tackle or disarm.  Then create more effective, sustainable, collaborative work relationships.

“What kids need” – a guide for parents

There are so many new challenges for parents today. Although basic parenting principles haven’t changed greatly, parents need to understand their current role in guiding their digitally connected offspring and learn how to update their parenting styles to accommodate to the needs of this generation.  This keynote will cover the key factors in becoming effective parents.  These include the need for connection, boundaries, social skills and managing challenging people, (including bullies) and healthy living. It will include simple clues to implement an up-to-date parenting system.

“Bully blocking for kids” – a simple program for parents, grandparents & carers

Although schools try to reduce school bullying, the rates of school bullying have not decreased significantly over the past decade! However, it’s very quick and simple to teach kids how to block bullies themselves.  Evelyn is an expert in helping kids block bullies and her simple, successful recipe has been taught to thousands of children over three decades. Once kids stop making their bully happy, they can find the power and skills to block them and gain respect from their peers! Then they can develop the emotional and social resilience they require to enjoy school.

Build your mental health balance at work or home.

Without our survival instinct to push us to study, work and manage daily challenges, we’d all behave like sloths! However continued stress over a long period of time can become a burden, leaving us sick, stuck and paralyzed. Research shows that chronic stress is bad for our brain, body and heart, social and family life.  Learn the four practical options to manage your stresses. These will empower you to manage your personal and work life more effectively and balance those stresses and strains that interfere with your daily life!

Reinvent retirement!

 ‘If you don’t use it you’ll lose it!’

Those who retire or are forced to retire early and lead a passive lifestyle tend to age more quickly than those who lead an active one! Learn how to plan an enjoyable, enriched, rewarding lifestyle after full-time employment ends. This means focusing on your physical and emotional health, practical arrangements, social life, part-time work and meaningful activities. It includes simple tools to make retirement planning easier.

Digital dinosaurs and other challenges

Do ever feel that younger people are more up to date that you are ?

One of the greatest changes in the past two decades has been social media, but there are others. In this session you will learn about some of these changes and then you can keep up with what is happening today.

Feel somewhat more in touch with what is happening today.


Isn’t it wonderful to be a close relationship, maybe even holding hands at 80? But not everyone is so fortunate and our needs change as we age.

This session will look at some ideas for improving your partnership, whether you are married, living together or apart.

Do you need a makeover?

Many of us make resolutions for the coming year and then find them hard to keep. Maybe it’s time to rethink this approach and replace it with a makeover. You may have noticed how a newly elected politician dresses before and after their election or how people change following a health scare. In this session we will discuss the options we have to take control of our physical health, our stresses, how we appear, our relationships, hobbies and work. Then you can make a comprehensive plan to manage your future in small chunks, instead of avoiding or confronting them altogether.

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Training and Keynotes