Others Affected by School Bullying


  • Feel powerless when they are unable to protect their children.
  • It can remind them of their own school difficulties or other difficulties eg shyness.
  • Parents become very angry when schools don’t deal with it immediately or can’t do enough.
  • It can be a very traumatic experience for parents.
  • Become threatened if their parenting patterns are challenged, especially if their child is a bully.
  • Don’t always want to be referred for psychological counselling. They don’t realise that around 4-6 sessions can create a happy child who won’t bully or be bullied!


  • Feel bad and guilty because they don’t know what to do.
  • Fear that they will become the next target.
  • Torn between their friends.
  • Realise that the target may exacerbate the situation but can’t tell them or know the target won’t listen to their constructive feedback.
  • Can’t confront the bullies.
  • Don’t want to be involved.
  • Can become a secondary victim or affected by poor class morale.

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