About Evelyn M. Field, FAPS

Psychologist - Author - Speaker

People who need people are the luckiest people in the world, but it isn't always that easy. Some people don't know how to connect and relate to others in a sociable, intimate or caring manner. Others don't know how to protect themselves from difficult, mean or nasty members of their tribe.

Effective social survival skills empower people to relate with confidence and deal with school or workplace bullying. Thus social and emotional resilience are essential survival skills for today's society.

Evelyn M. Field is a practising psychologist and was an Accredited Speaking Member of National Speakers Association of Australia. She has spoken in New Zealand, Belgium, Spain, USA, Vietnam, Norway and Israel.

She has been appointed a Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society and is one of their media spokespersons. She has done over 800 media interviews on a wide range of topics, appears regularly on the "Today Show", has appeared on "Good Morning Australia", "A Current Affair", "Seven thirty Report", "Today Tonight Show", Channel Seven News. She was Resident Psychologist for Channel Ten's "9 AM" show with David and Kim with a focus on relationships and current affairs.

Bully Busting (Finch 1999) was a self-help book for parents, children and educators based on her six simple social survival skills. The updated version Bully Blocking® was released in 2007. These books are best sellers and translated into Italian, Croatian, Arabic, Korean and Czechoslovakian. Evelyn wrote a chapter on parenting for Bullying Solutions for the National Coalition Against Bullying.

Bully Blocking at Work (2010) and Strategies for Surviving Bullying at Work (2011) reveal her expertise as an authority on understanding and managing workplace bullying. This two part series are published by Australian Academic Press.

She is the convener of the Therapeutic Practitioners Interest group of the International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment, member of numerous psychological associations, on the professional advisory board of the National Centre Against Bullying. She was on the board of Victims of Crime Assistance League, (Victoria) for 5 years, spent 20 years as a Board Member of the Mental Health Foundation of Victoria and 11 years as Honorary Secretary of the Australian Association for Mental Health.

Evelyn has developed a social survival skills model from her personal and professional experience. It has been presented to adolescents, parents, teachers, mental health professionals and organizations. Her unique presentations are regarded as entertaining, ethical and educational. She uses a variety of techniques eg cases, stories, cartoons, magic, role-plays, to engage participants and help them develop new skills.

Evelyn provides a range of range professional services and products to deal with school and workplace bullying to assist children, adolescents and adults to develop their emotional and social resilience.