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Bully Blocking ® - Evelyn M. Field FAPS

Bully Blocking

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Bully Blocking

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Schools cannot protect every child. This clinically proven, self-help book provides a child with bully blocking skills as well as hints to develop social and emotional resilience. It's useful for parents, teachers, therapists and schools.

'Hints for dealing with bullies at school' - Evelyn M. Field FAPS

Hints for dealing with bullies at school

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Hints for dealing with bullies at school

Some children don't like to read. However, this carefully constructed 14-page e-leaflet condenses years of experience and research to enable children to use simple, easy-to-read, bully blocking skills (Taken from "Bully Blocking"). This E-leaflet gives children the basic skills to block bullies.

  • 14 pages.
  • Can be used by parents with Bully Blocking ®