Evelyn M. Field OAM is an expert on understanding and managing school and workplace bullying. She is a social and emotional resilience skills expert who has developed a simple, six step model of relating.

Evelyn provides keynotes, workshops and seminars. She trains participants to understand and manage school and workplace bullying or treat targets. She empowers participants to develop their social and emotional resilience; her work is based upon evidence-based psychological theory and practice.

Her presentations are ethical, educational and entertaining. Everyone walks away with simple, practical ideas that they can implement immediately. Content is designed to suit the client’s specific needs, with a variety of styles to suit your audience, eg humour, cases, magic, theory and practical discussions.

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"Respect and resilience at work -
Develop a productive workplace culture"


Evelyn M. Field outlines the significant aspects of an engaged and productive workplace.

Goal - The participant obtains an understanding of how to manage dispute resolution, gender and diversity, faulty beliefs, good management practices, accountability and some essentials when establishing a constructive and successful working environment.

"Respect and Resilience at Work:
The core strategies to prevent, reduce and manage workplace bullying"

(Keynote, Half or Full Day)

Workplace bullying resembles the ‘canary down the coalmine’. Any form of workplace bullying means that the workplace culture requires radical improvement- otherwise employee engagement, performance and productivity will seriously decline.

Goal - Participants will gain valuable insights into the importance of constructive codes of conduct; preventative practices, early intervention and implementing appropriate consequences. Evelyn’s unique approach assists managers to manage workplace bullying by respecting employees, developing collaborative systems and reducing adversarial approaches. Simultaneously her resilience model empowers employees to assume responsibility for themselves by developing strategies to block bullying behaviours and survive difficult, stressful workplaces.

"Dealing with Workplace Bullying Complaints"


Evelyn M. Field’s unique approach for resolving workplace bullying complaints is based upon respecting employees, developing collaborative systems and reducing adversarial approaches.

Goal - Known as 'Collaborative Solutions', it avoids a “name, blame and shame” approach and is based upon validation, safety and creating effective management systems. It combines training and individual staff interviews to understand what has been happening, debrief staff, assist in restructuring and improving management systems, workplace culture and prevent future workplace bullying.

"Develop your emotional and social resilience"

(Keynote or Half Day Workshop for Adults)

"People who need people are the luckiest people in the world." People who are emotionally and socially resilient relate to others in a friendly, respectful manner but they also know how to manage and block difficult people with respect.

Goal - Learn how to build and maintain effective relationships. Don't allow negative emotions or relationships to frustrate or sabotage you. Become an employee who values working with others, utilises feedback and is more productive and effective at work.

"Social Survival Skills: How to raise resilient kids"

(Keynote, Workshop for Parents/Teachers/Child Care Workers)

Kids who connect successfully with different types of kids cope better with the 'ups and downs' of life and enjoy school more. Evelyn Field has spent decades developing a unique social survival skills model that can be applied in any social interaction.

Goal - The participant gains skills to improve their child’s emotional intelligence, social competence and ability to survive among different and difficult social groups at home, school or work. These skills includes expressing feelings assertively, understanding behaviours, maintaining self-esteem, developing effective verbal and non verbal communication skills creating a power pack to block challenging behaviours and developing social networks.

"Bully Blocking for Kids"

(Keynote, Half or Full Day)

Although many schools protect students from bullying, they aren’t always successful. Simultaneously adults mean well but give kids the wrong advice. Evelyn Field can provide participants with the six simple, proven strategies to help children block a bully quickly and simply!

Goal - These skills include managing their survival instinct by regulating feelings, understanding instead of blame, rebuilding self esteem, developing effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills, creating a power pack to block bullies and developing a supportive, social network.

"Preventing and Managing Bullying at School"

(Keynote, Half or Full Day)

More than one in five children are still being bullied at school! Evelyn M. Field provides an overview of school bullying, including what’s school bullying, why it happens and the damage it causes.

Goal - Evelyn promotes a collaborative, whole school approach, which also includes teachers, parents and bystanders. The core of Evelyn's work is her Social Survival Skills model, which empowers students to quickly and simply block bullying behaviours themselves, regardless of what their school does!

“Parenting skills for the 21st century”


There are many different stresses and expectations on parents today. So often the digital dinosaurs and digital immigrants are at war with the digital natives. This keynote deals with the changes in the past few decades.

Goal - Although basic parenting principles have not changed, parents can learn how to manage their parenting styles while adapting to the demands of the digital generation.

“Strategies for Empowering Women Today”


Despite some financial and psychological gains for women over the past 50 years, many women are still powerless to stop domestic abuse, most experience discrimination at work and many live their life sandwiched between the demands of elderly parents and children.

Goal - Evelyn looks at the losses and gains of the past five decades and provides a pathway for women to balance their responsibilities with their own needs and re-create their lives.

“Reinvent your retirement”


Many skilled, competent older employees are being bullied to leave work, long before their use-by date or they attract the dinosaur label. Some will enjoy the challenges of golf, bridge and caring for family; others will find this boring and slowly whither away. Although many employees may not wish to continue in their previous career, there are many other paid and unpaid options.

Goal - This keynote is designed to encourage employers and employees to think laterally, value work relationships and culture, and therefore utilise the skills, motivation and dedication of the older employee to add value to their workplace.

“Strategies for managing bullying at home”


Bullying is rife at school and at work, but many people get bullied at home by their current or previous partners, children or parents.

Goal - This keynote will help you identify bullying and give you some simple tools to manage it.

“Develop your social brain”


Recent research demonstrates that our social brain functions differently during positive and negative relationships. In fact, being connected socially is more important than the basic needs of food or shelter. No wonder negative social relationships injure our brain. Fortunately we are blessed with neuro-plasticity!

Goal - Find out how to develop the four essential brain foods that keep your social brain healthy, your self-esteem positive and connect effectively to significant relationships.